Don’t let foot problems hold back your life

walking-feet-on-beachSuffering from foot problems? Glen Waverley Podiatry can help you. Book in for a consultation today  and we promise you’ll get a treatment plan specifically designed to resolve your foot problem in a timely and cost effective manner. Not sure if a podiatrist will be able to help you with your problem? Then try on our promise for size…

Our promise:  If our podiatry services can’t fix your problem we will refer you to the appropriate specialist who can, no charge!

Below you can find some background information on podiatrists and podiatry including what podiatry is and how a podiatrist works.

What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a specialist health professional dedicated to the study and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Your feet give you the stability to stand upright, the flexibility so you can walk and the strength so you can jump. When you develop a foot disorder, these often taken-for-granted basic human functions can become extremely difficult, painful or uncomfortable (or a combination of all three). The job of a podiatrist is to provide a solution to foot problems and a treatment to alleviate pain and discomfort.

There are a number of foot disorders which can affect you including arthritis, bunions, heel pain, Achilles tendinitis, fungal nails, in growing toe nails, and shin splints – to name a few. When you start to experience problems with your feet, it’s important you don’t wait until permanent damage has been done. How does a podiatrist help?

What can our podiatrists do for you?

Your foot problem or disorder will be analysed and diagnosed in your initial consultation. Once you understand your foot problem you will be guided towards a treatment plan that is the timeliest and most cost effective for you. In all cases, the ultimate goal for the podiatrist is to help you to:

  • Alleviate foot pain.
  • Restore mobility and comfort.
  • Get you back to work as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Get you playing sport in as prime condition as possible.
  • Prevent further foot problems down the track.
  • Stop foot problems and disorders holding you back in life.

How can you seek help today?

If you or a loved one are suffering from pain and discomfort because of your feet, ankles or lower leg, we can help you out. You can take the initial step to begin to alleviate the pain or discomfort by taking either of the following routes.

1. Ask an expert podiatrist – have an issue that needs an expert opinion but not sure what will help? Feel free to explain your situation on our contact page and we’ll get back to you.

2. Book an appointment – want to see a podiatrist soon?